24 Hours Awake
Dreaming Awake
Exploration of insomnia through observation
Just as distorted text may be difficult to read, those who suffer from insomnia can experience cognitive impairment. My designs are meant to mimic the limbo state, blurring the distinction between reality and fiction. Glitch textures and warped text echos the tension of sleep deprivation disrupting the thought process. Creating a state of restlessness and hallucinations. The font is displayed in an artificial setting that exists within a state devoid of human connection.
I wanted to create a space where this could organically exist. After experimentation between wild postings and creating a website I decided an online presence best fit the theme of insomnia.
Art Director
Graphic Designer
Motion Designer

After Effects
48 Hours Awake
72 Hours Awake
92 Hours Awake
During 3 AM there is the sound of comfortable silence, the monochromatic sky with spoked holes fills my window's view. My mind is always most active when the world is in reboot mode.
I am alone with the after thoughts of actions; repeated actions, new actions, old and future actions. Some say insomnia is an illness, others claim biology. What does insomnia mean to you?
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