A new era for commercial and private space travel. Bringing the habitable Universe together, one journey at a time.
TRIGALAX - Space Travel Service
Tomi approached me asking to collaborate on a personal project telling a story about a fictional universe through design. This is a process most always tied to real world specifications or constraints. As a creative medium, graphic design is very different from other mediums like illustration, writing and film making, in that it is often linked closely with tangible realities.  
My role was to take the branding themes and create a smooth transition revealing the logo. Tomi provided the storyboard, logo and color palette. With his close direction I was able to capture a quick glimpse into the life of a space traveler using geometric shapes. 

Art Director - Tomi Lahdesmaki 
Motion Designer - Annette Signorelli
Graphic Designer - Tomi Lahdesmaki

After Effects
Media Encoder
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